Not only is there physical distance between your city and Tijuana, there are very important cultural differences as well. Language, values, customs, and currency are very different in Mexico than they are in North America. (click: The Largest Border in the World)

Plastic Surgery is not a beauty parlor procedure. Although it is an art form with a basis in aesthetics, it is still surgery. This art form is done by means of surgical instruments in the hands of a doctor trained in Plastic Surgery who has sound knowledge and experience. He/she is assisted by indispensable allies: the anesthesiologist, surgical assistants and nurses.

The first interview with the Plastic Surgeon is an important one. You will be required to fill out a health history form. It is very important that all questions are answered and done so truthfully. This information gives the surgeon a picture of all aspects of your health and assist with developing the best possible approach to your surgery and follow-up care. Lack of information or misleading information may cause unanticipated complications.

This medical history will ask you about the surgical procedure you wish to undergo as well as your family and personal history, habits and medications that you usually take.

You will be provided written information about what is considered of critical importance in your surgery such as your anesthesia (please, click Anesthesia and You for more information) as well as other information relating to pre-operative preparation, the procedure and post-operative care. Please read all the material provided as it will answer questions you may have about your specific surgery (see Most Frequent Procedures).

It is important to have someone with you while you are in the hospital and to take you home when you are released by the surgeon.

You will be monitored continuously.   Based on to your age, the type and duration of your surgery, your health condition, and most importantly your recovery from the Anesthesia, it will be decided if you can be discharged from the clinic the same day as your operation or whether you should remain overnight.

You will be required you remain overnight in the clinic if:

  • you live more than 2 hours away from Tijuana
  • your surgery lasts more than two hours
  • you have been under general anesthesia

If you have a same-day discharge, you must have someone to take you to a hotel in Tijuana or the home of a friend/relative. You will need to remain lying down as if you still were in the hospital. You should only get up to use the toilet and for meals. Do not press your surgeon to allow you to return home before the recommended period, since in doing so you will be risking an unfavorable result.

Plan well ahead, especially if you coming from outside of Tijuana.

Hopefully these recommendations will be useful to you and I wish you an excellent and speedy recovery.

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