• Follow all the instructions that the Anesthesiologist and I have given to you.
  • General anesthesia requires a minimum of 8 hours of fasting. This means that your stomach must be completely empty (no solids, no liquids-including water-for at least 8 hours before the surgery. We cannot overemphasize this, it is of vital importance.
  • Think positive. Stay focused on the benefits of your surgery.
  • Practice relaxation. Allow your muscles to go loose. Center your attention on your breathing: drawing air into your lungs, and allow it to flow out smoothly and effortlessly.
  • Once you start waking up – listen our voices: the anesthesiologist, the nurse’s or mine. We will give you instructions to breathe. This is the time for you to focus on relaxing and performing controlled breathing exercises. Trust your body.
  • If you unable to speak as you are regaining consciousness, stay calm. This is natural. A movement of your head or a signal will indicate to us that you can hear us and that you are ok.
  • Do not touch the surgical sites. It will be difficult to assess the outcome of your surgery by blind touch and you may disturb the dressings that are protecting the sites.
  • Once you are back in your own room, continue practicing your muscle relaxation, and controlled breathing. You will always have a nurse with you.

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I hope these recommendations will prove useful. I wish you a quick and excellent recovery and that your anesthetic experience to be pleasant.

Any questions before and after your surgery may be answered in person by calling the office, 684-2551  (US: 619-730-1917) or my cell 664-283-0976 or click Contact us for more information.

I wish you an excellent experience in Plastic Surgery and a speedy recovery.

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