Art is the application of ability and taste in the production of a work according to aesthetic principles.

The concept of Art is associated with the concept of work of art, which is in turn, is the product of this sensitivity.

The term Art comes from the Greek word ars.

In the antiquity, art was considered as the skill and ability in the production of something. It was until the end of XV Century, during the Italian Renaissance, when the distinction between the craftsman (producing multiple works), and the artist (producing unique works), is made for the first time.

It is also in this period when an articulated language is created to talk about to the outside and not to the formal representation, classifying the liberal arts (currently the fine arts) in three professions: sculptors,


and architects.

Aristotle wrote in “On the parts of the animals”: “the Art, indeed, consists of the conception of the result to be produced before its accomplishment in the material”.

Perhaps this quality is the essential requirement for a Plastic Surgeon; it is this one quality that distinguishes the artist from the


or technician.



every nature of his art was contained within the marble block. To Vasari, Art is to get the pre-conceived shape taking off what it’s in surplus.

Art, for Tom Hoving, former Head of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, is: “Everything that results whenever someone in the World takes any kind of material and produces with it a deliberated manifestation”.

My own definition is in

other dimension

, the 4th dimension or time. Art is something that created by man’s ability and preconception endures farther away of its own timing and survives the artist.


Shortly after the death of my colleague Juan Luis Prado, MD, a girlfriend of my daughter Ximena ( ), came to our home and I remembered that she had been operated of her nose by Juan Luis. Hers was a good Rhinoplasty result, as per what I could see. By then I realized what an Artwork is: something that endures and is tangible even if the artist had died.

Alike to Juan Luis, how many artworks could I have completed in my life, my career? Undoubtedly many.

Surgery is an art, that’s for sure, but let us do not forget that this art is given within the frame of the practice of medicine.

Whenever a Medicine Student or a Plastic Surgery resident gets astounded by the appeal and apparently uncomplicated that is giving new shape to say a nose, the first thing that it occurs to him is:

So I have to study so hard to do this?

The answer is: yes. Because Plastic Surgery is a specialty field


Medicine, and we need first to have the basic knowledge to practice the art of medicine and get acquainted with its principles.


Plastic Surgery is Art and it is Medicine.

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