Sorry to disappoint you, I’m not a fan of Featherlift also known as Aptos or Russian Threads, but I can tell you that there are excellent Plastic Surgeons in Mexico and in the United States, which may offer this new resource for improving your facial aesthetics.

I have taken courses and have observed the technique performed first hand in the OR  and it is my impression that, to date, it is a procedure with many opportunities for human error.  There is a high chance to produce slight asymmetries based on the number of threads required, in different vectors, to tighten both cheeks.  The procedure is alleged to be less expensive than Face and Neck Lift, but this is not so, since in some Surgical Centers, the expenses are really high, and the degree of durability of its rejuvenation is rather short, necessitating further treatment.

The future I foresee for this technique, and I hope I’m wrong, is that there is a high risk of falling into the hands of general practitioners, most of which are self-described “aesthetic physicians.” “Aesthetic medicine” is a term which means that although not certified specialists, these practitioners perform non-orthodox aesthetic surgeries. My hope is that this procedure will remain in the hands of skilled, ethical Plastic Surgeons.

If you decide that you wish to explore this technique further, we will gladly give you names and phone numbers of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons with experience in this technique. The decision and responsibility is yours.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this surgery, please call the office, 684-2551  (US: 619-730-1917) or my cell 664-283-0976, or send an email or click Contact us for more information.

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