“Rich is a person that enjoys good health, is in touch with his feelings, loves himself, makes the money he (she) wants in the work he (she) loves, saves a little for a future use, and has relations who contribute to him/her and to whom he/she contributes” 

– Phil Laut


There is no doubt that Plastic Surgery can be expensive, but it is much more costly to suppress our true feelings as it relates to our personal body image.

If you are contemplating Plastic Surgery, it is best to thoroughly think it through and then commit to it, if that is your decision. Holding back a desire that springs from your deepest feelings (click Emotions and Plastic Surgery), can produce frustration and dissatisfaction. And, if you procrastinate long enough, you will probably find that the cost of the procedure you wish to have has increased (as does everything over time).

More often than not, Plastic Surgery is not an emergency.  Reconstructive surgery, as a result of an accident or tumor removal, may require more immediate care but Aesthetic surgery is an elective procedure.  These procedures are not urgent and can wait until such time as the individual is physically, emotionally, and financially prepared to proceed.

Once the decision has been made to undergo Plastic Surgery, you will need to assess your financial situation in regards to payment for the procedure. Keep in mind that all procedures must be paid in advance of the surgery. If you have the financial resources on-hand to proceed, that’s great! But many times, this is not the case, so there are two alternative approaches an individual may choose.

The first is financing through a financial lending institution. On approved credit, these companies will pay the cost of your surgery up front to the Plastic Surgeon. You then make fixed monthly payments to the finance company to reimburse them for what they pre-paid on your behalf.

There are several companies that offer financing for Plastic Surgery procedures. To obtain a list of these institutions please call the office, at 684-2551, US: (619) 730-1917.

If you do not want to use a payment plan, the alternative is to set up a savings plan. It will take longer to get to your goal, but you will not owe anyone after the fact. Open a savings account dedicated to your Plastic Surgery. Decide what you can afford on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis and faithfully deposit the determined amount into that account. Before long you will see substantial growth in the account and you will be well on your way to getting the Plastic Surgery you want.

Money management, fundamentals of prosperity, the art of negotiation and the ability to create financial well-being, are things that without exception, we could all improve upon. In your journey towards prosperity, there are a number of tools available to you.

Look for a good financial consultant; read books, attend seminars, workshops or start doing research over the Internet. My favorite resource is “Money is my Friend” by author Phil Laut. This book has been so successful, that it has been translated into 18 languages. This book is available in a number of bookstores, as well as at my office. You can also go to Amazon for more information.

PHIL LAUT (1942 – 2010)





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