Beauty concepts do differ a lot from West to East. The same is true of fashion. In fact, there is a close relationship between the fluctuating concepts of beauty and fashion in Plastic Surgery. Fashion not only fluctuates in clothing trends, but also in hair styles, cosmetics and the accessories that are used to adorn the body.

Plastic Surgeons must stay abreast of fashion trends in order to be able to meet the needs of the patients. For example, let’s look at the changes that have occurred over time in ladies’ intimate apparel.

Panties used to be full briefs. In the past several decades the waist line has dropped, first to hip hugger level, then to low-cut and then to bikini. The leg of the panties also changed with the advent of high- rise or French-cut. These changes led to the style that many women wear today – the thong, panties which are small and narrow, sometimes hardly more than a ‘dental thread,’ which mainly covers only the pubic hair.

If the Plastic Surgeon performs an abdominoplasty, he/she needs to consider the placement of the surgical scar so that is as inconspicuous as possible, in this case, below the panty line close to the pubic hair.

Bust size is another factor subject to fashion and regional habits. In Japan, for example, a small bust is favored, but in the Nordic Countries and in the United States, a fuller endowment is desirable.

Following a breast lift or mastopexy, the patient is able to go without a bra in order to wear backless dresses or tops. The scars that occur as a result of breast surgery are hidden beneath the breast allowing the individual to indulge in the skimpiest of tops.

Hairstyle are an important consideration for patients undergoing a face lift, as the scars behind the ears may be visible in some cases for a period of time as the incisions heal. This is more apparent in patients with darker skin tones. Large, dangling earrings may help to hide the scars better than smaller stud earrings.

From a cultural perspective, a developing trend is for changing the shape of the eyes of Oriental persons so that they appear more ‘westernized’.

It is important for the Plastic Surgeon to take into account the personal characteristics of form and figure as well as color and thickness of the skin. Keeping fashion in mind, the Plastic Surgeon will decide the best approach in order to provide the best possible outcome and the least amount of scarring for the patient.

Radical physical changes should not be undertaken for the sake of fashion alone. Remember that fashion trends are constantly changing. Choose your Plastic Surgeon with care (click How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon).

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