It is important that you read and re-read this page before you consider undergoing this surgery.

Surgical reduction of the arms or legs can be done by two different techniques. Liposculpture may be used exclusively to remove excess fat from the limbs. If there is excessive skin as well as fat, the excess tissue would need to be removed. This procedure is similar to the process used for Abdominoplasty (click Tummy Tuck for details) This method leaves scars. In moderate reduction of the arms, scars will be from the elbow to the armpit on the inside of the arms. In cases of massively excess skin in the arm, scars extend to the chest and back and to the bust. Incisions are made in the groin in the case of the thigh reduction and therefore scars are less apparent.

The duration of these surgeries varies according to your height and the degree of excess skin and fat to be removed. These procedures require much attention to detail and may take between 1 to 3 hours .

The recovery period is approximately 12 to 15 days. A garment that provides adequate compression for 2 to 3 weeks will be required immediately following surgery. My brand of choice for over 25 years is the Caromed/Mentor. (Click for information).

Patients do not complain of pain, but rather discomfort and  fatigue. Towards the end of the recovery period it is not uncommon to experience  itching  in the arms and burning sensation in the thighs as well as moisture in the groin. This resolves on its own in a few days however as  the groin is near the genital area and enclosed by underwear, it requires more care.

These surgeries, either, or both, may be combined with others such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lifts or others, and if so, duration of surgery and care after surgery will be longer.

1. Do not take aspirin or aspirin products for 2 to 3 weeks prior to surgery. (Click Non recommended Medicines for more information.)
2. For three consecutive nights before surgery wash the parts of the body to be operated on with Isodine foam (Betadine in the US) shampoo. Your pharmacist may suggest an alternative product if you are unable to find it.
3. Do not eat  or drink after midnight preceding your scheduled surgery
4. On the day of surgery, do not wear makeup, nail polish or jewellery
5. Take only your more necessary clothes (one change only), and comfortable shoes.

1. Go directly home and remain at rest for 24 to 48 hours. You may require assistance in the first week after surgery.
2. You may get up to use the toilet and for  meals.
3. The first day at home you should take sips of fluids, gradually increasing to a soft diet.

If you do not have nausea, you can eat normally.

The first appointment after your surgery will be within 4 days. Thereafter appointments are spaced further apart at approximately every 3, then 6 months, and then a year. However it is very important that you keep your appointments since we are going to give you more information and tips on how to improve your results.

To view some cases of this surgery click Photo Gallery
Any questions before and after your surgery may be answered in person by calling the office, 684-2551  (US: 619-730-1917) or my cell 664-283-0976 or click Contact us for more information.

I wish you an excellent experience in Plastic Surgery and a speedy recovery.

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