“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, goes an old saying. Nothing can be absolutely beautiful for everyone. What is beautiful for one, could be ugly for another. Each and everyone of us has a particular preconception of beauty. It originates in our childhoods as we learned to appreciate our early encounters with the nature of things and people which, in turn, influenced by our emotions. Besides what our senses revealed to us, we were further influenced by the values instilled in us by our elders, role models, and from the collective concept of beauty from our place of origin.  Quite a few concepts are commonly shared by all mankind.

In Africa, the concept of beauty is rather different from ours. By Western standards things such as bones through the earlobes or nose may look perverse and anti-aesthetic. In spite of that, in these modern times it is commonplace to see North American and European men with earlobe piercings and wearing the adornments that in fact, was previously only used in African nations as a display of beauty or social status among their inhabitants.

In Plastic Surgery, we respect the personal concepts of each patient as to what it is agreeable and what it is not. There are certain social standards present, depending of the season or fashion. Click Fashion and Plastic Surgery for more details.

Our specialty is the same all over the world, but tendencies and fashions in surgeries, such as incision types, size and characteristics of implants, or the struggle to leave less noticeable scars, have been amongst the primal concerns of Plastic Surgeons.

It is of utmost importance that during your first consultation with your Plastic Surgeon, that you discuss openly, your expectations and anxieties regarding those areas that you want modified. The Plastic Surgeon should be open to your wishes, but please be aware that where he/she believes it is not to your benefit, the surgeon will let you know and invite you to seek a second or even a third opinion (click How to choose a Plastic Surgeon) rather than perform a surgery that you may later regret.

Feel free to call the office to arrange for your initial consultation.

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